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Proteus Consultation
  • Proteus Consultation


    Proteus is a fully configurable animatronics platform that comes standard with 25 functions. Book your consultation today, and we will design Proteus to fit whatever show type, IP, and budget you need.

    SKU: 364215376135191
    • Standard Specifications

      • 25 standard motion functions*
      • Onboard audio
      • Both male and female humanoid animatronics
      • Strain wave gearheads
      • Highest quality motion
      • All actuators operate on 48VDC - low voltage
      • Patent pending ankle pivot design
      • Compact control cabinet
      • Individual control of each actuator
      • Scalable
      • Programmable to meet all show types
      • Average lead time: 6 months

      *Facial movement is in development.

    • Customizable Options

      • Heights adjustable between 50th and 95th percentile
      • Control cabinet within the baseframe
      • Configurable foot location
      • Customizable figure finish**
      • Animation services
      • Don’t see what you need? Ask us!

      ** Will affect lead time and cost.

    • This consultation deposit is non-refundable.

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